DIY Farmhouse Shiplap Bathroom Makeover

SHIPLAP! One of my favorite things, just ask my husband. This will be our 5th shiplap project in the house and possibly (but probably not) the last.

Here is our daughter Audrey’s bathroom, which we also use as guest bathroom when we have family visit us.

Its a simple bathroom, but pretty boring. So we’ve decided to shiplap all of the walls because we always have extra laying around and its EASY! We use these shiplap boards from Home Depot that make it super easy because they have the spacers already built in. You do pay a little more for these boards compared to those who use plywood and cut it down to size for shiplap walls, but I promise these boards are so much easier to use. Plus they’re already white! We still end up painting them anyways so everything matches in the house, but we don’t have to do so many coats.

Before we started, we removed the vanity mirror, the cabinet above the toilet (we added these open shelves there instead), removed the backsplash above the vanity, and took the toilet out for now so that we could get back behind there to shiplap as well.

For this bathroom, I wanted more of an unfinished, rustic look for the shiplap. On all of our previous shiplap projects, I wanted clean lines, straight boards with no cuts midway through the wall. So this time we measured the wall behind the toilet and vanity mirror. It was 95 inches wide. Since I knew I wanted the boards to go in a pattern of where cuts were placed, we decided to cut some boards at 24 inches and some at 71 inches. Kind of confusing but as you can see below, the pattern starts off with a full board of 95 inches along, then 24 inch cut, then 71 inch cut, then back to another full board. Your cuts will vary depending on how you want your wall to look and how wide it is. We used a miter saw to cut the boards to size.

From there, we used liquid nails along the back of the board before putting it up. Then Robert used his brad nail gun to secure the board in place.This doesn’t take very long at all. When there were any outlets in the way, he used his dremel to cut out around where they will go.

Once all of your shiplap is up, you can either leave it as is, or fill in all of the nail holes with wood filler, then sand them down smooth. Like I said earlier, we did go ahead and paint over these with the white paint we had on hand that matches all of the trim and shiplap in the rest of the house. We also updated our light fixture at this time!

For now, we’ve only shiplapped about half of the bathroom. So this is a midway point in the project. We are going to take on the big project soon and tile the shower. Right now it has a plastic insert that we are not really fans of. Once we’ve got the shower tiled, we will go ahead and shiplap the rest of the bathroom, including the ceiling, and we will definitely give an update after that!

Here is the finished product before and after! I’ll have a blog up soon about how I painted the cabinets too! We went ahead and updated the mirror and sink faucet along with all new towel racks and toilet paper roll holder while we were at it. So far we are loving it and our little girl is loving her big kid bathroom as well. I’ve linked a few items below that we used for supplies and decor as well!


Shower curtain

Bathroom Rugs


Liquid Nails

Nail Gun


Black bathroom accessories kit


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